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The Weight Is Over

Hi it’s Ben Damon here again in Brooklyn, New York.

Well thank goodness that’s done! Daniel Geale has made the ‘catchweight’ limit of 157lbs, inspiring shock from much of the assembled American boxing media and pride from trainer Graham Shaw and the rest of his team. Few thought Daniel would go to the effort of making the unreasonable ‘catchweight’ but once again he has proved himself a consummate professional.

Geale and Cotto at the weigh-in

Geale and Cotto at the weigh-in

The focus on the weight has been unprecedented, with almost every story that’s been written on the fight this week revolving around the difficulty Daniel faced in reaching the agreed mark. However it seems Daniel has made it more easily than he had hoped. No workout was required on weigh-in morning, only a hot bath to sweat out the final ounces.

And so we can stop talking about pounds and transition to punches! Daniel Geale v Miguel Cotto this Sunday AEST. Would victory be the biggest ever by an Australian boxer? Most probably. Can he win? Of course he can.

Geale and Cotto

Geale and Cotto

Legendary trainer Freddie Roach, whose stable includes Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao, told me today that he is sure the fight will go the distance. Roach says he chose Daniel because he is a worker that will test Cotto and make a great fight. However it is undeniable that Cotto, Roach and almost everyone else is looking past Daniel, to the planned Miguel Cotto v Canelo Alvarez megafight.

So, as Daniel rehydrates and bulks up in Brooklyn this evening he has a feast of motivations for the upcoming fight. The controversial ‘catchweight’, his boxing legacy and the strength of this achievement, as well as the pride of proving people wrong, and doing his country, his family and his supporters proud. One more sleep until an opportunity for greatness….

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